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Word - Spirit - Power Conference

The Word, Spirit and Power concept grew out of the perceived need to bring together three Biblical streams that are combined in the Bible but too often divided in the Church.  Denominations, and local churches, define themselves by their emphasis on one or the other.  It is the heart of the Word, Spirit, Power team to combine these strengths as the Bible does to produce a vibrant corporate expression in the local church and a glorious global model of the Bride of Christ to the world.  The POWER of God is released when the WORD of God and the SPIRIT of God are combined as Jesus Christ demonstrated it when He walked the earth and preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. 

The team believes that the great need of the church is God's Sovereign power. We believe this power will come to the degree the word and spirit are simultaneously combined. 

Conference Speakers:
R.T. Kendall, Jack R. Taylor and Charles Carrin. 

Conference Schedule:
Sunday (Nov. 30th): 9am & 11am; 7pm
Monday (Dec. 1st) -Wednesday (Dec. 3rd): 10am & 7pm

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Childcare will be available Sunday morning and for all evening sessions.

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