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Good Friday Experience-FEEDBACK

Hello! Thank you for participating in the Good Friday Neighborhood Experience. In order to help us improve the experience for next year we would love to get feedback from you. Please click HERE and complete the online survey. It should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete it. We look forward to reading your comments.


Join us this Good Friday season as we remember and celebrate the life and death of our Lord Jesus Christ through a personal at-home experience with your family and/or community. You don’t have to be an expert or theologian to do this. Just being mindful and open to this night is all that you need. It is a moment to experience this well-known Christian holiday in a more tangible way, bringing it into your homes with the people you know and love as well as your neighbor if you choose to open your home to others for the occasion. All are welcome to sign up, whether believer or nonbeliever, to either participate or host a Good Friday Experience in your home. Everyone that is interested in hosting a Good Friday Experience in your home can pick up a kit at WSF at the Love Out Loud booth in the west foyer on Palm Sunday, April 13th, before and after services. The kit will include guides around sharing a meal together (you can do a potluck or cook a simple meal together, such as hot dogs, burgers), prayer, a question or two at the table or in your living room area and a closing symbol for how individuals can reflect on his or her mistakes as well as hopes for the future in light of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We want this experience to be quite simple but reflective and memorable for you and those involved. If you wish to just attend a dinner and not host, all you have to do is sign up and we will connect you to a group. Leading up to this night we will be sending out 4 prayers from Monday-Thursday that revolves around Good Friday to prepare your hearts and minds. Text “WSF” to 313131 to receive the 40 Days of Prayer texts.

So this Good Friday Experience really is about you, the meaning and moment with God, you, family, and friends. It is about the remembrance in a personal way to the life and death of Jesus Christ as well as looking forward to the light of the resurrection to come. We look forward to experiencing Good Friday with you. If you have any questions email Monique at or call 336-251-1414.

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