Adult Events
Michael Cusick Seminar

Sexual Soul Care: Ministry To The Porn Addicted Soul

Whether you are a pastor, youth leader, counselor, discipler, or friend,  This half day workshop is designed for anyone wanting to learn more about what it means to help a person wrestling with compulsive sexual sin.  Attendees will be more equipped to minister to strugglers as they:

  • Learn why sexual addictions are not about sex
  • Gain insight into the five elements of Brokenness, 
  • Recognize the seven core desires beneath every sexual addiction
  • Understand the role of shame and core beliefs
  • Discover how pornography impacts the brain
  • Develop a working model of change

"The pursuit of purity is not about the suppression of lust, but about the reorientation of our life to a larger goal." Dietrich Bonhoeffer


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