Adult Events
LIT City: 30-for-30 Mentoring

30 men are needed to invest in the lives of 30 young men. We are often drawn to sports stories of underdogs who beat all the odds to become champions. On August 1-5, 2016 a group of middle school-aged guys who have the "odds stacked against them" in life will enjoy an amazing faith-based basketball camp called Camp Clutch. Although we believe the camp will have a MAJOR impact, we also know that the life story of campers won't end when camp ends. Would you consider playing an empowering role in the story that God is writing with their lives? No SAVIORS needed! Just humble dudes that will commit to taking a journey of friendship with a student & partnership with a single parent. 30-FOR-30.

Join us Monday, July 18 at 7pm in Room 100 to find out more about this opportunity and if you plan on attending, please contact Terrance Hawkins to let him know.


Phone: 336-345-5419

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