Christian Education


Fall 2014 Classes: August 24th - November 9th

Sundays at 9:30am

The Book of Hebrews

Teacher – Pastor Elwood Rakes / WC 100 
We will study the book of Hebrews and unlock truth related to the great price paid for our Salvation. This will be a twelve-week study with notes provided.

The Gospel of John

Teachers – Jan Knight & Chris Steinbacher / WC 202
This class will focus on the love of Father God as revealed through Jesus in the book of John, chapters 13-21.  We will be studying how Jesus, having completed His public ministry, now privately teaches His disciples and completes His mission. Find comfort, love, reassurance and, yes, even joy, as the final days of Jesus’ life unfolds. 

Life of Christ

Teachers – David & Donna Spencer / WC 203
This class will trace the significant events in Jesus' 3 1/2 years of ministry through the Gospels. It will include movie clips of these key episodes in His life, and relate His Kingdom teachings to our lives as parents.

Beginner American Sign Language Class

Teacher – Pam White / WC 204
Let’s go beyond the four walls of the church and into the unique culture of the deaf community. Beginning ASL focuses on building basic vocabulary and conversation skills. The goals for this class are that you become familiar with ASL and gain an understanding of the Deaf World through engaging activities and interacting with deaf people.

Teología Propia

Teacher – Amaury K. Hernández / WC 206
¿Quién es Dios?  Aún mejor, ¿Qué es Dios? ¿Podemos saber con seguridad que Dios existe? Si ese es el caso, ¿Cómo lo podemos saber? ¿Cómo puede Dios ser uno y a la vez ser tres? ¿Cómo puede ser Cristo Dios y Hombre al mismo tiempo? Este curso es un estudio de la naturaleza, existencia, y atributos de nuestro Dios Trinitario.

Course Description (English): Who is God? Better yet, what is God? Can we know for certain that He exists? If so, how? How can God be one yet three? How can Christ be both God and man? This course is a study of the nature, existence, and attributes of our Trinitarian God.

Ephesians: A Blueprint for Life

Teachers – David and Joyce Henson / WC 209 
In the six brief chapters of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul draws together many of the doctrinal and practical truths found in his other NT letters, and pens a blueprint for living for both the Church and for the believer. In this study, we will zoom into what these verses mean for the Christian walk and then step back to see their overarching implications for the Church.