No matter where you are on your journey with Christ, there is always a next step. The iFollow experience offers unique courses that catalyze Christian formation, Christian community, and your understanding of what it means to be an effective disciple in today’s world. Each Wednesday night we will gather for fellowship and teaching at 6:30PM in the Auditorium before going to a course/small group at 7PM. Nobody can follow Jesus for you; the iFollow experience will show you how.

Wednesdays 6:30PM
WSF Auditorium

Each Wednesday night at 6:30PM we all will gather in the Auditorium for worship and a message from one of our Lead Pastors. Most weeks, we will follow this time together a men's and women's session, concluding with a time of community in the foyer for all to enjoy at the end of the night. Pastor Darla will lead the majority of the women's sessions and Pastor Mike will be leading the guys. We hope you'll join us as we embrace this season of seeking the Lord together. It's been a real adventure thus far, and we think the best is just around the corner.

en Espanol

Romanos: El Evangelio de la Justicia de Dios
Amaury K. Hernández
La epístola a los Romanos, Pablo la escribió. El Espíritu Santo la inspiró. Millones de vidas han sido cambiadas por ella. Esta carta trata con la gravedad del pecado, el concepto de justificación, la necesidad de fe, la lucha con el pecado, el ministerio del Espíritu Santo, el futuro de Israel, los dones del Espíritu, el propósito del gobierno, la existencia de áreas grises, y mucho, mucho mas.
(Room 206)