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Please attach the file to your email, or if it’s too large, please provide a trail detailing where it located (i.e. so-and-so’s folder on the I-Drive) along with the file’s exact name so it’s easily identifiable.
If you’re sending a file that has several items to a page, to avoid confusion, say how many total items you need and how many sheets that would be. For example, if you need 500 postcards and the file is formatted 2 cards per page, you would say “250 sheets/500 total cards”
Include any finishing you need—cutting, scoring, perforating, binding (booklet binding, GBC binding, wire binding, glue binding), stapling, padding, grommetting (for banners), etc.
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Due Date
(Booklets - 3 weeks in advance) (Postcard/flyer/folding/large format printing - 1 week)