We are a diverse, experiential church that desires to share the message of hope in God. At our Core, we just want to be a group of people who reflects the kind of church God talks about in the scriptures, that is, we want to be a Biblically functioning community. We are a church of substance, helping believers grow deeper in their faith in order to bring renewal to the people and places around them. We place a high value on the upcoming generation, while we also deeply appreciate and honor those who have laid the foundation for this next season of effective ministry in our city, and believe they will be right in the middle of the action. In this way of thinking, we are a church that embraces all generations, disciples believers, and forms teams to make an impact in the church and city. There's a way for you to connect, understand, and contribute. As you browse this website, open your heart and mind to see if there's a place where you might find your voice at WSF. We hope to see you soon.

Mike & Darla Rakes | Lead Pastors